Sellin' you wisdom from a plexiglass prism. I'm Hazel Newlevant, a Portland-raised, Queens-residing cartoonist and illustrator.

I've self-published a lot of cool mini-comics, and even a coloring book! You can buy them from my storenvy.


Come visit us at MoCCA, table D108! I’ll have a bunch of new stuff, including memento mori mirrors, screenprinted postcards, cootie catchers, Beck Party screenprints, and new minicomic Curio Vol. 2. Also, I’ll likely be doing instant portraits

Molly Ostertag will be debuting her totally amazing thesis comic Khutulun the Wrestler Princess and bringing Strong Female Protagonist books and shirts, along with her charming self.

Robin Enrico has a long-awaited new issue of Jam in the Band 3, the highly great all-girl rockband drama!

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