Sellin' you wisdom from a plexiglass prism. I'm Hazel Newlevant, a Portland-raised, Queens-residing cartoonist and illustrator.

I've self-published a lot of cool mini-comics, and even a coloring book! You can buy them from my storenvy.


My comic Ci Vediamo has now been printed, thanks to a 2012 Xeric Grant! I’m so excited to finally realize my vision for this book. These photos to showcase the die-cut cover and vellum pages.

If you’d like to order a copy, you can do so via If you’re a retailer, place an order through my sales rep Tony Shenton at

Here it is: Dance the Blues, my blues dancing and queer girl romance comic!

This was the final project for my Cartooning class at SVA. The venue should look familiar to Portland dancers, but the characters are all fictional. I’m an avid blues dancer, but I’ve never participated in a Jack & Jill myself, so this is just my educated guess at the experience.


I thought I was done with posting Hazel Newlevant comics, but then I found this unread in a stack of stuff I got at Fresh Meat.

Posting Hazel Newlevant comics is never over!